Family Educational Advising

Educational planning and advising for families with students age 10 and under.  

This partnership includes 4 planning sessions (with parents primarily) and follow up as appropriate. Sessions typically occur summer, fall, winter and spring . We will keep you and your child on a wise educational track that fits your family goals, your values and your budget. 

Admission Office Leadership Advising

The Center offers mentoring, coaching, and advising for admission professionals leading their offices. 


This partnership is ideal for newly appointed Deans/Directors. Advising can be for increments of three months at a time, but a year long partnership is ideal.  This partnership can be customized to the needs of the office and leadership.

Student and Family Educational Advising

Educational planning and advising for families with students  ages 11-19

RD3 will serve as your family's educational adviser for your student as well as a mentor, adviser and coach for the student as they navigate through key developmental stages.  This service includes regular (bi-monthly) sessions with goals, growth and development plans and follow up.  RD3 will keep you and your child on a wise educational track that fits your goals, your values and your budget, whatever the path may be: public, private, day, boarding , home-school, online school etc.  RD3 will work with parent(s) and individually with the student to identify and help develop key character skills that will help them succeed whatever their path.   

School Trip in Forest

Character Program Advising

In partnership with the Character Collaborative, the Center offers evaluation & advising to schools in both their school programming around character & values development as well as how to consider integrating character assessment (if appropriate) in their admission process as a way to emphasize important elements of the school to prospective families. 



Educational sessions/professional development accompany this work for both faculty and students. 

K-12 Private/Independent School Search, Advising & Placement

Comprehensive support for students and families navigating the school search and application process for both day and boarding independent/private schools. Fees vary, based on the needs of the student, family and school type.

Speaking Engagements

Ray Diffley delivers talks to schools, groups, teams or organizations about character, character development, assessing character as well as the educational planning and development journey.  His experiences allow for a range of applications of this work and each talk can be customized to the occasion. Please call to discuss.

Public Speaker

AQ (Articulation Quotient

Intensive training in interviewing, presenting and public speaking. "IQ" and "EQ" mean little without a high AQ!

If ideas are a primary currency of the 21st century, then one's ability to communicate is critical in all aspects of life.  While the primary focus of this work is on preparing for an admission interview, there is no doubt an ability to articulate oneself is key these days to advancing in most domains be it in education, business or personal relationships.    With so much "noise" in our world, we often don't have long to make a first impression and even if we do, one must (authentically and in one's own voice and style) continue to impress to be heard. This is where raising your AQ (Articulation Quotient) is key. 

Hands Together

Advising Partnerships with organizations & companies

This partnership supports families at companies interested in educational planning and advice for their employees. Whatever the k-12 journey, be it public or private on the road to college and higher education, there is a great need for information about pathways and choices along the way as children grow to young adulthood and college ready. 

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