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Private High School (day or boarding) Interview & AQ® skills class:

Who is this particular class for?

Participants ages 13-19 who are applying to private day or boarding schools.  This class is limited to 12 participants

Class Description:

Whatever your IQ (intelligence quotient) and your “EQ” (emotional intelligence quotient) are, both are limited without the most important skill in today’s world:  your ability to express yourself clearly and succinctly. I call this AQ® (Articulation Quotient). AQ is your ability to articulate and express yourself. This skill is not only essential in a school interview situation, but also critical in every-day life.


Enroll in this class to build your AQ®.  Learn how to express who you are (your character) and how you can contribute (“what you bring”) to a school community, be it a classroom, a team, a club, artistic endeavor or just the community in general.


This class is much more than training in interview skills and traditional public speaking.  It will dig into your character on multiple levels and build confidence in the presentation of yourself in the context of school communities, as well as in every-day life.

​Class Details:

  • Classes will be led by RD3 Education Founder, Ray Diffley

  • 8 total sessions comprise this online (Zoom) class

  • 7 hour-long group sessions and 1 hour long individual mock interview session (recorded and shared with the participant) with customized feedback to conclude the class

  • Classes meet via Zoom two times per week: Wednesdays and Sundays from 8:30-9:30 PM EST 

  • Classes begin Wednesday, September 8th, 2021, with the last group class on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021. 

  • Individual mock interview sessions to be conducted soon after the final class


Total cost for the class is $895


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