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K-12 Private/Independent Day and Boarding School Search, Advising & Placement

Helping families uncover the best school options for your student. This also includes a personal development component and AQ (Articulation Quotient) training.

At RD3, we go beyond simply helping families find the right school—we empower students to discover their potential and cultivate a holistic set of skills for life. Our comprehensive support encompasses navigating the school search and application process, whether for day or boarding independent/private schools.

Our work is rooted in understanding the unique needs of each student and family. With flexible fees that reflect the individualized support tailored to the student's, family's, and school's requirements, the RD3 experience is not just about finding a school; it's about creating an environment where your child can flourish, find joy, and grow.


We provide a personal assessment of character strengths and Articulation Quotient (AQ) training, support and guidance for school selection, visits, and the application process, as well as help navigating scholarship and financial aid processes when needed.


A Transformational Approach:

RD3 is not just a guide through the application process; it's an educational journey that equips students with a deep understanding of their applications' processes, realities, and global and local contexts. This knowledge transforms applicants into mature individuals ready to seize opportunities and make their schools, families, and themselves proud.


We believe in shaping more than just successful applicants; we cultivate confident, informed, reflective, and self-assured individuals. While honing public speaking, AQ, and writing skills, our focus is on the broader context—preparing students for life beyond school.


Embark on the transformative journey with RD3—where education is not just a destination but a lifelong adventure. 

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