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Two-Day Student Development Retreat

at Water's Edge Resort & Spa
in Westbrook, CT on August 21 & 22

Equip your child with some of the most important abilities for leading a life of impact: Interview & communication skills; identifying and leading with character strengths; exploring and discovering their purpose, also known as "finding your why."


This retreat is designed for students 12-18 (with exceptions), aiming to develop skills often overlooked in a traditional school experience yet are essential in life. It will also help to prepare students who may be applying to schools (or summer jobs/internships) where an interview is required.


A transformative experience that will prepare your student for the future with confidence, clarity, and purpose.


Key Retreat Takeaways

Each attendee will leave with interview skills, a stronger sense of self, heightened confidence, and a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to help them progress immediately in life.


Interview Preparation & Advanced Speaking Skills: Master the art of interviews and conversation, whether for school, work, or relationships. Enhance your AQ® (Articulation Quotient) for superior communication & engagement skills.


Character Strengths Identification:
Discover and utilize unique character strengths that help you always put your best foot forward, opening opportunities for a meaningful life.


Finding Your Why:
Guide students through a personalized journey to uncover their  purpose & elements that lead to their development & productivity.

Retreat Information

Venue: Water’s Edge Resort
Dates: August 21st & 22nd
Time: 10 AM to 4 PM each day


Hotel Booking:

Water’s Edge Resort (Westbrook, CT) - Event venue



Additional Places to Stay:

  • Saybrook Point Inn (Old Saybrook, CT)

  • Griswold Inn (Essex, CT)

  • PierBlue (Old Saybrook, CT)

  • Super 8 (Old Saybrook, CT)

  • Quality Inn (Westbrook, CT)

Event Fee: $795

(Event Fee includes the retreat program and lunch provided by the resort on both days - accommodations not included in this fee.)

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