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Achieving student growth through the character lens. 


Learn how RD3 Supports Students, Families, Educational Partners & Schools.


Relevant Research;

Development of the student by Design;

3 Elements of Character: displayed in the Character Venn Diagram.


After over 25 years of experience in schools, working with schools,  and most importantly working with and watching thousands of students go through the growth and development process, often with amazing and diverse outcomes, I knew it was time to share what I have learned.  As an Admission Director choosing students in a highly selective secondary school environment;  as a Leadership Center Director observing and working with hundreds of k-12 independent schools; as a coach of boys and girls from youth to college, and with great appreciation for the creative arts, I have gained experience and perspective  in many areas. 


Working with and learning from some of the top researchers on intelligence and character, I believe it all loops back to character and the healthy growth and development of a student through the K-12 years. I believe a little bit of advice goes a long way and perhaps most importantly, an engaged teacher, mentor, coach or adviser can have both an immediate and lifelong impact on young people. These two notions are the foundation of this Center and what I provide for families, schools and educational partners.

What is your Character plan?



Growth & Development

Growing and developing toward one's full potential is a process at each developmental stage of life, especially during the school years.  The question is where, how, and with whom, will that best take place? 

Success &


People have different needs and goals for achievement & success.  Reaching those and being  acknowledged for that success is a central part of the process of growth and development, and often key to appropriate confidence. Are you in a situation where this is possible? 

Wellness &

Character, and character development, is more important today than ever. Attention to Wellness is the key to any long term success and is the most overlooked in today's environment. How can you ensure you are attentive to both (and balanced) in today's busy and at times,  stressful world? 


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