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Educational Consulting, and Student Development Coaching

Developing high impact students of strong character and charting their educational journey by supporting Students, Families, Educational Partners, Teams & Schools. 

How can RD3 support you?

Educational Success Graduating Teen

Offering Student and Family Educational Search, Advising, Placement and Coaching as students navigate key developmental stages. 

High School Independent School Advising

Offering evaluation & advising to schools and organizations around character & values development in programming, admissions, and as a way to support internal teams.

Articulation Quotient Teen Public Speaking Ray Diffley

Providing intensive training in interviewing, public speaking & expression with a focus on on preparing for an admission interview and beyond.


With over 25 years of experience in education and admissions and working with and learning from some of the top researchers on intelligence and character, I've developed a belief that the healthy growth and development of a student through the K-12 years connects back to their character strengths.
I believe a little bit of advice goes a long way, and perhaps most importantly, an engaged teacher, mentor, coach, or adviser can have both an immediate and lifelong impact on young people. 
These two notions are the foundation of this Center and serve as a guiding light in the support I provide for families, schools, and educational partners.


/kōCH/ noun 
a passionate and dedicated person who unlocks hidden potential by developing, encouraging, and believing.


RD3 was founded on the backbone of:

 Relevant Research; Development of the student by Design; 3 Elements of Character.

These three Elements of Character provide the structure for how we support our students  and families. 

RD3 Education Approach

Growth & Development

Growing and developing toward one's full potential is a process at each developmental stage of life, especially during the school years.  The question is where, how, and with whom, will that best take place? 

Success &


People have different needs and goals for achievement & success.  Reaching those and being  acknowledged for that success is a central part of the process of growth and development, and often key to appropriate confidence. Are you in a situation where this is possible? 

Wellness &

Character, and character development, is more important today than ever. Attention to Wellness is the key to any long term success and is the most overlooked in today's environment. How can you ensure you are attentive to both (and balanced) in today's busy and at times,  stressful world? 

RD3 Students Have Matriculated to: 

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Old Saybrook, CT

Wallingford, CT

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Phone: 203 927-8748

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