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Growth & Development 

Growing and developing toward one's full potential is a process at each developmental stage of life, especially during the school years.  


The question is where, how, and with whom, will that best take place? 

The most daunting reality to me as an educator and parent is that windows of development are short. Or at least shorter than we think or hope. 


While I hope there is still room for the "late bloomer," we all know how society and life are pushing or pulling us toward "growing up" and developing, sometimes sooner than we should.  Many schools and parents, admirably so, are protecting the joys of childhood, and I couldn't agree more, but I'm also aware of the times in our lives to develop a skill, a habit or ability, and how poor planning or poor choices about pathways can miss, or damage, that development. 


I help families and schools identify key skills and habits to develop and create a plan, perhaps a series of experiences, to best develop each individual child/student, and at the right times.

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