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Success & Achievement


People have different needs and goals for achievement & success.  Reaching those and being  acknowledged for that success is a central part of the process of growth and development, and often key to appropriate confidence.


Are you in a situation where this is possible? 

I've been reminded many times how important it is for one's development to achieve SOME levels of success or achievement in their lives, particularly through childhood. Recognizing this has helped shape my educational philosophy to guide individuals towards their fullest potential.


Drawing inspiration from numerous influential books on the subject, particularly The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness by Dr. New Hallowell and a series of books centered around raising boys written by Dr. Michael Thompson  while I was deep in studying development and "success" in students, I've refined my understanding of development and success in students.  


Success of course is relative, but the experiences and emotions  one has in achieving success at any level are similar. Families and schools alike miss invaluable opportunities for nurturing the potential within children if they neglect to establish the conducive conditions for success.

I firmly believe that "success conceals what losing reveals," underscoring the delicate balance required for holistic development. It's important to be challenged. Embracing challenges is key as it fosters resilience and I specialize in assisting families in placing their children in environments that foster a healthy level of  success, and achievement. This commitment extends to working closely with schools, ensuring that both admission decisions and the overall school experience are enriching.

You can help to elevate your child's developmental journey with strategic guidance and a focus on meaningful achievements. Together, we can create an environment where success is not just a destination but an integral part of their ongoing educational experience.

Girl in Classroom
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