Success & Achievement

I've been reminded many times how important it is for one's development to achieve SOME levels of success or achievement in their lives, particularly through childhood.  As I developed my own educational philosophy I have been impacted by reading many books on the subject, particularly The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness by Dr. New Hallowell, or a series of books centered around raising boys written by Dr. Michael Thompson.  Those two experts and authors in particular have influenced my view, having seen them speak and having a chance to interact with them while I was deep in studying development and "success" in students.  Success of course is relative, but the experiences and emotions  one has in achieving success at any level are similar.  Families miss opportunities to develop their children (and schools do too) if they do not set up the conditions under which one can experience some level of success. I am also quite aware that "success conceals what losing reveals" ...another incredibly important factor in this balance and equation. It's important to be challenged.  I help families put their children in situations where they can experience a healthy level of success and achievement and I highlight this element for schools to be sure they do as well in both their admission decisions and school experiences.

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