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Wellness & Balance


Character, and character development, is more important today than ever. Attention to Wellness is the key to any long term success and is the most overlooked in today's environment.


How can you ensure you are attentive to both (and balanced) in today's busy and at times,  stressful world? 

Students Taking Exams

This is truly the place where an independent adviser, coach or mentor can make a huge impact on the successful development of a student. 


Parents have the natural (often intense) emotional attachment to their child with often a strong desire for their children to succeed and and as a result, can push too hard, or when frustrated, not push enough.  Schools don't have the same parental emotional connection and therefore can be a fantastic source to monitor and promote wellness and balance, but as we all know, and many blame colleges, there is a mania about schools and development, success and achievement.


The documentary "Race to Nowhere"  revealed this well and we are all wise to monitor mental health as well as physical well being. Having someone to partner with your child, or with schools to understand the very tricky balance therein, is key.  There is no doubt, every student is different, and they may even be different at each stage of development, and thus having someone tuned in to that development is critical. 


This is what I strive to do with families, especially in a longer term relationship and ideally what a school can do in a long term relationship with a family as well, assuming they have an appropriate advising system. 


Wellness and balance is the new topic for all of us to tune into, as there is little doubt the drive to develop and grow is not likely to diminish in our increasingly competitive world.

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