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K-12 Private/Independent School Search & Placement Advising

I work with families to identify private/independent schools (boarding or day) where their child can develop and grow appropriately, and, of course, find joy and happiness. I provide support to students and parents in all steps of the process - from self-assessment to the list of schools, to the visit and follow-up, and, of course, the application and decision-making process at the end of the journey.  Support, if necessary, on navigating a scholarship/financial aid process is also provided.  As part of this service, I also guide students on public speaking (e.g interviewing) and developing their AQ (Articulation Quotient) and writing (e.g essay writing). However, the context is much bigger than simply applying to schools.  The context for these skills goes beyond school and thus an exciting byproduct of our work together is a more confident, more informed, more reflective, more self-possessed, more educated student. I teach the students to understand the process, the realities, the global and local context of their application, and in doing so, create a more mature applicant who is prepared to take advantage of opportunities offered and make their school, their families, and themselves, proud of their work.

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