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Father and daughter at computer

Family Educational Advising

What many educational advisers or consultants will tell you is that each time they meet a student and family, they wish they had met them earlier, often years earlier.  Sometimes, a little advice goes a long way when it comes to one's educational journey, character development, and talent development as well.  This service exists, not to “master plan” successful admission to top prep schools or the Ivy League x years from now. The service exists because families need knowledgeable and affordable partners to work with them to collaborate, plan, and imagine pathways and experiences for their children; from when to start school, to when (and if) to move schools; from what sport or instrument to play (or activity to try) at what level, to what kind of person you hope your child to be, and how you want them equipped to manage their world. I embrace this partnership and am there for families during the daunting task of “growing” their children, and guiding them through the school years. 

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